What Is An 

Unconventional Artist?

Traditional art is easy to spot. We appreciate the skillful work of painters, musicians, and digital creators — recognizing them as artists. However, Unconventional Artists can be found if we look a little closer and think outside the box. These creatives are found in unexpected places and though their art is easy to overlook, it is no less beautiful than the work of traditional artists. Created by Logan Peralta, this series of short documentary films explores the unique skills and talents of creative individuals that are often under appreciated.

Latest Episode

Martyn Stewart is a nature sound recordist whose unique skillset has allowed him to travel to the far reaches of the world and capture the sounds of our beautiful planet. Driven by his love for nature, Martyn has braved some of the most hostile environments to capture his recordings – sometimes even being threatened with death. Recently he created a foundation, The Listening Planet, which provides a library and an archive of nature sounds for anyone to enjoy.